Monday, June 14, 2010

Back again....

So, I've just spent about an hour trying to give the blog a nice look, something which I'm not good at. Web graphic, not my thing. ;)
Anyway, I've decided to try my luck at blogging again. =)

Today, I got the left side of my mum's car bumper scratched during a turn, while driving her around town to run errands. How"fun"! It's about the 4th week since I got my license and I still drive rather recklessly at times. She's not pissed, but frustrated and stress? Hell, yeah!
I also watched the TV series, Parenthood today. Not that nice, don't watch it!

You know what, I find myself running out of ideas of things to say so I shall start an advice column! That's what they call it right? LOL. So, if you need advice on anything, please post it under 'comments' of the latest post. I think I'm pretty good, so try me out. ;)

Part of Zac Posen Fall 2010 collection. Very NICE!

This movie is really awesome. It's hilarious and filled with action. You HAVE to watch it!

Taylor Momsem from Gossip Girl has a band called The Pretty Reckless. Check out Make Me Wanna Die. Very edgy. It's good.

Luv, luv...

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