Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Football Fever!

What I did last week:

On Sunday, I went for a dinner buffet in Royal Bintang with a bunch of friends. :)

Me! Ooooo... Scary vein on my forehead!

Attempt at "the walk".


A few of us.
Some of the girls and I.
What I've been thinking about:
Perhaps if we all learnt how to better appreciate our lives, we'd all probably end up more successful in most things we do. If we take our own lives for granted, we will neglect doing a lot of things that we should be doing. Therefore, we make no progress and there will be no hope for something better than what we already have.
Achievement is realization. :)
What you should do when you get bored:
There's only one solution...
What's HOT!:
1: The Spanish Football/Soccer team!
2: Part of Vena Cava 2010 Fall Collection

3: Watching the World Cup
What's NOT HOT!:
1: Not watching the World Cup
2: Steven Gerrard. MY public enemy NO.1!

3: Dressing like you popped out of an anime cartoon. No offense...

Luv, luv...

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