Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back to school... :(

OH! The dread! Why can't the school holidays be extended for another week? No harm rite? :)
I went for a Teen's Night Party yesterday. It was kinda boring at first, but turns out, it wasn't half bad. I kinda had fun. Yay! =) Sum and his sexy sore throat voice! ;) Oh, and the kids playing 'catching' in the dark. Very NAUGHTY!
AWWW, but there was no dance floor. How sad, I know that Mei Hwa desperately wanted to shake her ass! Whoooo! By the way, thanks for screaming into my ear. Appreaciate it! -_-
Remember them??? Listen to their songs When It's Over, Every Morning and Fly.

How can you not love Nickelback??? Listen to their new song, This Afternoon.

AWWW, how sad. Cute, but well,
Going back to school! DAMN!

P.S. I wont be back till Thursday.
Luv, luv...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Can I say OMG?

What I've been doing:

Went to Jusco yesterday, watched Toy Story 3, or Cerita Alat-alat Mainan Tiga, which was what AJ posted on Wen Hui's wall in Facebook. That "son" of mine's just too cute! ( he's not really my son, he's my age. Just in case you crazily believed that... ;) ) Anyway, didn't plan to watch the movie but it was a hangout with friends AND they chose the movie AND I had already watched every other movie I was interested in anyway so yeah. The movie turned out to be quite cute, althought the whole time I felt like a five year old. =) I mean, DAMN! I even felt sad during certain supposed sad scenes...

What I've been Thinking:
Recently, a man chose to be sentenced to death by bullet shots somewhere in the U.S., something which hasn't been done for over 14 years. (you know, sit there and get shot continuosly until you die, not as dramatic as the one in Valkyre though, the Tom Cruise movie, but still dramatic...) Did you also know that the death injection is considered barbaric? So what? The electric chair is humane? The fact is, there's nothing humane about murder in the first place, so don't do crime alrite? Stay at home and watch the World Cup! :)
R.I.P. The man's already dead...
What's HOT!:
1: Justified, new TV series on AXN
The actor, Timothy Olyphant is hot! AND it's also a good show. Hey that's what reviewers said, including The Times!
2: Timothy Olyphant! Yep, he was the dude in Hitman.

3: Justin Bieber proclaimed HIS hair more famous than Robert Pattinson's hair on E-news. I like him better now! ;)
What's NOT HOT!:
1: Robert Pattinson when young... OH GOD!

2: Robert Pattinson now AND in the TWILIGHT SAGA! He killed all my hopes & dreams. I loved that book. :(
(did you know that his so-called abs in Twilight were rumoured to be air-brushed???)

3: In the World Cup...
France lost to who?

Luv, luv...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Football Fever!

What I did last week:

On Sunday, I went for a dinner buffet in Royal Bintang with a bunch of friends. :)

Me! Ooooo... Scary vein on my forehead!

Attempt at "the walk".


A few of us.
Some of the girls and I.
What I've been thinking about:
Perhaps if we all learnt how to better appreciate our lives, we'd all probably end up more successful in most things we do. If we take our own lives for granted, we will neglect doing a lot of things that we should be doing. Therefore, we make no progress and there will be no hope for something better than what we already have.
Achievement is realization. :)
What you should do when you get bored:
There's only one solution...
What's HOT!:
1: The Spanish Football/Soccer team!
2: Part of Vena Cava 2010 Fall Collection

3: Watching the World Cup
What's NOT HOT!:
1: Not watching the World Cup
2: Steven Gerrard. MY public enemy NO.1!

3: Dressing like you popped out of an anime cartoon. No offense...

Luv, luv...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just Another Day of Random Disasters!

Ok, so since my blog is still rather unknown, I shouldn't expect people to actually ask me for advice. Therefore, I'll just post random advice of my own! :)
OH! By the way, I've also decided to reinvent my posts to a new format. Imma try it out and hope it works! =)

What I've been doing:

I got up late today. Everything was very slow moving. Blah blah blah... Watched Gossip Girl! You have to love it! and, Now I'm here.

What I've been thinking about:

Justin Bieber. First, I thought, "someone needs to come up with a plan to get rid of him!". I mean, his music is well, kinda cheesy actually, in a REALLY bad way. If Miley Cirus was considered a gift of horor from the US to Canada, well Bieber was better than the perfect payback! Then today, E-news went on and on about how cute and adorable he is. Come to think about it, quite true. Plus, he seems nice and i guess that his music is rather catchy. I dunno. What do you think?

Random advice:

What To Do When Feeling Nervous?

1: Although you already know, ask yourself why is it that you feel nervous. It invokes realization. trust me. >)
2: Ask yourself what's the point of feeling nervous. You'll then feel silly and suddenly calm down a little.
3: Tell yourself that you're too good for whatever it is that you feel nervous about. You're better than that!
4: You'll suddenly feel calm. :)
5: Kick ass! ;)

What's hot:

1: Celebrities wearing undergarment in public.

2: The World Cup


Old movie form 2009. If you haven't seen it, you'd better!

What's NOT hot:

1: You wearing undergarments in public

2: Robert Green ( Goalkeeper in the England team for the World Cup)

Enough said!

Luv, luv...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Back again....

So, I've just spent about an hour trying to give the blog a nice look, something which I'm not good at. Web graphic, not my thing. ;)
Anyway, I've decided to try my luck at blogging again. =)

Today, I got the left side of my mum's car bumper scratched during a turn, while driving her around town to run errands. How"fun"! It's about the 4th week since I got my license and I still drive rather recklessly at times. She's not pissed, but frustrated and stress? Hell, yeah!
I also watched the TV series, Parenthood today. Not that nice, don't watch it!

You know what, I find myself running out of ideas of things to say so I shall start an advice column! That's what they call it right? LOL. So, if you need advice on anything, please post it under 'comments' of the latest post. I think I'm pretty good, so try me out. ;)

Part of Zac Posen Fall 2010 collection. Very NICE!

This movie is really awesome. It's hilarious and filled with action. You HAVE to watch it!

Taylor Momsem from Gossip Girl has a band called The Pretty Reckless. Check out Make Me Wanna Die. Very edgy. It's good.

Luv, luv...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm back from China!

Wheeeee!!!!!! Gosh! It was soooo darn tiring. A midnight depature flight which lasted for 6 hours with zero sleep hours, then staright to touring and..... 6 hours of sleep on average per day and the wheather was super cold, down to -20 degrees! OMG!!! When I arrived home, it felt like my whole body had just given up on me. :( Still feeling really tired....
Alright, I DID enjoy my trip, can't say I didn't. ;) I had fun and learnt a thing or two from the whole experience so yeah, I guess I'd have to say that it was a nice trip overall. =)
Everything in China is CHINESE! EVERYWHERE you go there are chinese words ALL over the place and everyone in general basically ONLY speaks Mandarin. It's like the government wants to monopolize its people. No offence, just a thought...
Oh, the people in China are so RUDE! It's like a madtown out there!!!
For the next few days or so, I'll be blogging about the trip, can't fit everything into 1 post. :)

Imagine the thrill I felt finding out that LIVERPOOL GOT KNOCKED OUT OF THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!! Especially since it's still only the QUALIFYING ROUNDS! Muahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George Gillett. Just another average Liverpool owner, no?

Oh, really???

Now, how did that go?

Ah! I see... ;)
That's what I'm talking bout! =)
Luv, luv...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday??? Hell, yeah!

Gonna be in China for about a week. It's sooo darn cold over there now! :( Ah, well, I'll have fun anyway. :) OMG! Did you watch this week's episode of Gossip Girl??? Dan slept with his damn teacher! *gasps*!!! Scandalous stuff...
Oh, this dude on facebook, used the facebook chat box to say something like this to me, "Hi! Male, 23, single, India, got cam. Interested?". Is the web cam part or any other part supposed to TEMPT me??? Oh, wow! Web cam! How "exclusive"! Only like, EVERYONE has one at home!!! -_-
BTW, last week's episode of Supernatural was super funny! Jensen Ackles (Dean) is soooo hot! ;)
Check out this clip of him screaming like a b***h! =)
or you can view the longer one with more funny scenes of him being scared, including the screaming....

Dude on the left is HOT!!!

Luv, luv...