Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm back from China!

Wheeeee!!!!!! Gosh! It was soooo darn tiring. A midnight depature flight which lasted for 6 hours with zero sleep hours, then staright to touring and..... 6 hours of sleep on average per day and the wheather was super cold, down to -20 degrees! OMG!!! When I arrived home, it felt like my whole body had just given up on me. :( Still feeling really tired....
Alright, I DID enjoy my trip, can't say I didn't. ;) I had fun and learnt a thing or two from the whole experience so yeah, I guess I'd have to say that it was a nice trip overall. =)
Everything in China is CHINESE! EVERYWHERE you go there are chinese words ALL over the place and everyone in general basically ONLY speaks Mandarin. It's like the government wants to monopolize its people. No offence, just a thought...
Oh, the people in China are so RUDE! It's like a madtown out there!!!
For the next few days or so, I'll be blogging about the trip, can't fit everything into 1 post. :)

Imagine the thrill I felt finding out that LIVERPOOL GOT KNOCKED OUT OF THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!! Especially since it's still only the QUALIFYING ROUNDS! Muahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George Gillett. Just another average Liverpool owner, no?

Oh, really???

Now, how did that go?

Ah! I see... ;)
That's what I'm talking bout! =)
Luv, luv...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday??? Hell, yeah!

Gonna be in China for about a week. It's sooo darn cold over there now! :( Ah, well, I'll have fun anyway. :) OMG! Did you watch this week's episode of Gossip Girl??? Dan slept with his damn teacher! *gasps*!!! Scandalous stuff...
Oh, this dude on facebook, used the facebook chat box to say something like this to me, "Hi! Male, 23, single, India, got cam. Interested?". Is the web cam part or any other part supposed to TEMPT me??? Oh, wow! Web cam! How "exclusive"! Only like, EVERYONE has one at home!!! -_-
BTW, last week's episode of Supernatural was super funny! Jensen Ackles (Dean) is soooo hot! ;)
Check out this clip of him screaming like a b***h! =)
or you can view the longer one with more funny scenes of him being scared, including the screaming....

Dude on the left is HOT!!!

Luv, luv...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Crazy Amuses Me

Hung out with the gang at Jusco today. Watched The Fourth Kind for the second time. Uugghhh... I'm pretty sure I successfully freaked out Wen Sam during the movie by poking him at the right moments, but ermm... he denies it. ;) Threw popcorn at AJ and Sum! Wheeeee!!! Sent a few stalker messages for fun just to scare people and Kok, dude, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A rather interesting present he got from the boys, I would say. Chlorox... -_- Seriously?
BTW, just cuz I love ya'll so much, let me recommend a site where you could possibly find good advice for your teenage issues...

A rather old book, but it's good. HOT!!!

Luv, luv...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Unexpected Paradise

I went to school on Thursday after skipping school since Wednesday, the week before. Only had like about 6 hours of sleep cuz I had been home late the night before as I was winter shopping in KL with my mum. Wheeee!!! I want a pair of winter boots, but my mum thinks that it's a waste of money... :( Oh, I'm goin to Beijing, that's why I'm winter shopping. ;)
Anyway, we played Taboooooo in school on that day. When Shruthy tried to get Abi and I to figure out a certain word, Shruthy said, "Abi is...", and Abi answered, "stupid!". LOL! Sooo cute! Of course, that wasn't ACTUALLY the answer...
Did you know that there are people on Facebook named Hersheys and Toblerone??? With Champagne as their last names. :)
BTW, I had another dream about ANOTHER hot guy! ;)

HOT Boots!!!

Such HOT sunnies!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crazy Days...

SUC last Friday!
I studied today for like 2 hours, I'm so proud of myself! =) Anyway, do u know that there's this actor named DING-DONG?!?!? He was even on the Star Newspaper! They should BAN HIS NAME!!! Imagine the bad influence on the little ones... :( No offence to the dude, I'm sure he's very hot. ;)
Last night, I had a dream about Karen, Racheal and myself. We were running all over the place escaping what seemed to be an earthquake only happening in a shopping mall/hotel room, strangely. Somehow, there was a huge lamp post and a garden in the place AND a backyard filled with fierce dogs. I ran out of a hotel room at some point, struggled to stand properly on moving floors and was rescued by a HOT GUY! WHOOOO!!! He seemed to be immune to the whole disaster... :)
BTW, JJ and Ean have facebook! =)
Oh, and my red dog Patrick, thinks he's gay. Now, I really think that I'm loosing my mind. AHHHH!!!! He's sooo adorable!

Hot Mess! Yeah! Cobra Starship's song. HOT!!!

Luv, luv...

Monday, November 9, 2009

The All-American Rejects Concert!!!

Posing in the toilet. =)

Horny moment... ;)
Crazy crowd!
It's us! Wheeee!!!!

We ARE normal! I swear!

Luv, luv...