Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Holiday is Over! Noooo!

Time to sum up how my holiday was in three not so simple words. Explosive! Insightful! Incredible! Whooo!!!

Anyways, I'm a little bumped about Man United loosing two games in a row. Well, at least I wasn't as upset about yesterday's game againts Fullham, as I was about the game againts Liverpool. That Liverpool game was like a really big knock on the head for me! lol. I watched that Liverpoool game in my mum's room and after the game, I didn't speak to her at all, I just walked right out of the room and went to cry myself to sleep. :( (not literally).

Oh! By the ways, I went swimming again yesterday, this time with Racheal, Sum, Karen, Vi Vien, Sean and Mei Hwa. Nothing much to say except that it was quite an interesting day altoghether. ;) We'll definitely go again some time soon!

with lots of luv,

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I woke up in the morning telling myself that I should try to think less n do things faster, the same thing which I tell myself almost every other morning, but I just can't help it. It's lik i've got this hyperactive brain which thoughts and ideas wont stop flowing through. It's so hard to control which makes it hard for me 2 really relax. It actually causes my heart 2 beat faster cuz im actually stressing myself out. I've actually managed on several occasions 2 control d flow of thoughts through my head for a whole day, but it is HARD to do. It's lik trying to quit taking drugs. I'm practically addicted to THINKING! lol. =)

Anyways, I went swimming l8er around 6 in d evening with Racheal, Mei Hwa, Sum, Sean, Arvind and Aaron. It was all fun but we didn't really swim, we just spent most of our time hanging around a corner of d pool n gossiping. We might as well just go 2 a restaurant or sumtin' u know, if all we really wanted 2 do was just gossip, but we go 2 d pool anyways cuz apparently, it just feels different. lol

Later at night, we all went on msn n chatted in one chat room. Imagine the shock I had finding out that d 3 boys had such weird names! I couldn't stop laughing eventough my lungs were killin' me!
sum: p-p-p-p-poke my face!
sean: uno mas
aaron: shower boy (this 1 was d BOMB!)
I just called Sum Poke My Face and Sean Alien Boy cuz uno mas sounds totally alien 2 me, n suggested that they all start a little superhero league called P then A then S. (ring a bell?) I didn't wanna put the letters together so as to not touch on sensitive issues. Wat a crazy conversation it was and very confusing indeed with 7 ppl who couldn't stop blabbering.
P.S. I refuse to talk about the chlorox part.

with lots of luv,