Friday, June 18, 2010

Can I say OMG?

What I've been doing:

Went to Jusco yesterday, watched Toy Story 3, or Cerita Alat-alat Mainan Tiga, which was what AJ posted on Wen Hui's wall in Facebook. That "son" of mine's just too cute! ( he's not really my son, he's my age. Just in case you crazily believed that... ;) ) Anyway, didn't plan to watch the movie but it was a hangout with friends AND they chose the movie AND I had already watched every other movie I was interested in anyway so yeah. The movie turned out to be quite cute, althought the whole time I felt like a five year old. =) I mean, DAMN! I even felt sad during certain supposed sad scenes...

What I've been Thinking:
Recently, a man chose to be sentenced to death by bullet shots somewhere in the U.S., something which hasn't been done for over 14 years. (you know, sit there and get shot continuosly until you die, not as dramatic as the one in Valkyre though, the Tom Cruise movie, but still dramatic...) Did you also know that the death injection is considered barbaric? So what? The electric chair is humane? The fact is, there's nothing humane about murder in the first place, so don't do crime alrite? Stay at home and watch the World Cup! :)
R.I.P. The man's already dead...
What's HOT!:
1: Justified, new TV series on AXN
The actor, Timothy Olyphant is hot! AND it's also a good show. Hey that's what reviewers said, including The Times!
2: Timothy Olyphant! Yep, he was the dude in Hitman.

3: Justin Bieber proclaimed HIS hair more famous than Robert Pattinson's hair on E-news. I like him better now! ;)
What's NOT HOT!:
1: Robert Pattinson when young... OH GOD!

2: Robert Pattinson now AND in the TWILIGHT SAGA! He killed all my hopes & dreams. I loved that book. :(
(did you know that his so-called abs in Twilight were rumoured to be air-brushed???)

3: In the World Cup...
France lost to who?

Luv, luv...

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