Saturday, November 14, 2009

Unexpected Paradise

I went to school on Thursday after skipping school since Wednesday, the week before. Only had like about 6 hours of sleep cuz I had been home late the night before as I was winter shopping in KL with my mum. Wheeee!!! I want a pair of winter boots, but my mum thinks that it's a waste of money... :( Oh, I'm goin to Beijing, that's why I'm winter shopping. ;)
Anyway, we played Taboooooo in school on that day. When Shruthy tried to get Abi and I to figure out a certain word, Shruthy said, "Abi is...", and Abi answered, "stupid!". LOL! Sooo cute! Of course, that wasn't ACTUALLY the answer...
Did you know that there are people on Facebook named Hersheys and Toblerone??? With Champagne as their last names. :)
BTW, I had another dream about ANOTHER hot guy! ;)

HOT Boots!!!

Such HOT sunnies!!!

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