Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crazy Days...

SUC last Friday!
I studied today for like 2 hours, I'm so proud of myself! =) Anyway, do u know that there's this actor named DING-DONG?!?!? He was even on the Star Newspaper! They should BAN HIS NAME!!! Imagine the bad influence on the little ones... :( No offence to the dude, I'm sure he's very hot. ;)
Last night, I had a dream about Karen, Racheal and myself. We were running all over the place escaping what seemed to be an earthquake only happening in a shopping mall/hotel room, strangely. Somehow, there was a huge lamp post and a garden in the place AND a backyard filled with fierce dogs. I ran out of a hotel room at some point, struggled to stand properly on moving floors and was rescued by a HOT GUY! WHOOOO!!! He seemed to be immune to the whole disaster... :)
BTW, JJ and Ean have facebook! =)
Oh, and my red dog Patrick, thinks he's gay. Now, I really think that I'm loosing my mind. AHHHH!!!! He's sooo adorable!

Hot Mess! Yeah! Cobra Starship's song. HOT!!!

Luv, luv...

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