Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday??? Hell, yeah!

Gonna be in China for about a week. It's sooo darn cold over there now! :( Ah, well, I'll have fun anyway. :) OMG! Did you watch this week's episode of Gossip Girl??? Dan slept with his damn teacher! *gasps*!!! Scandalous stuff...
Oh, this dude on facebook, used the facebook chat box to say something like this to me, "Hi! Male, 23, single, India, got cam. Interested?". Is the web cam part or any other part supposed to TEMPT me??? Oh, wow! Web cam! How "exclusive"! Only like, EVERYONE has one at home!!! -_-
BTW, last week's episode of Supernatural was super funny! Jensen Ackles (Dean) is soooo hot! ;)
Check out this clip of him screaming like a b***h! =)
or you can view the longer one with more funny scenes of him being scared, including the screaming....

Dude on the left is HOT!!!

Luv, luv...

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