Friday, October 2, 2009

Just Another Day...

I skipped school today but as usual, wasted most of my PRECIOUS time lazing around the house. I even forgot to get my homework from my friend... *sigh*
Anyway, my friends and I always get really high and crazy in school till we can't stop laughing at our own ridiculous jokes, just right before we start singing crazy tunes. Sounds familiar? LOL. Well, we sorta modified this song by Aqua ( don't know if you remember them, it's a group), they had this really famous song about Barbie or something. Yes, I know it sounds cheesy, but erm, I've decided to share our cheeky little lyrics with all of you, because you know I just love ya'll so much! =) So, here's how it goes...

(guy speaking) Hey, Barbie! Let's go party!
*Barbie makes horny sound*
I'm a Barbie Girl,
In an Abi world,
It's so fantastic,
It's realy sexay,
You can dress my a**,
And f**k me everywhere,
It's hypnotastic,
You can really feel it!

P.S. I swear I'm a very innocent girl. :)
and the award for the best dressed of the month at goes to...


Luv, luv...

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