Friday, October 30, 2009

I Smell Freedom and the All-american Rejects!

Exams are nearing an end. Just two days left after this, all objective papers. Wheeee!!!!! Some crazy things have happened in school lately. :) I'm more than thrilled that the temporary history teacher is gone. It's like bad odour going out the window. Anyway, guess what? Abi doesn't know how to change her own shirt! OMG! OK, that was a joke, she just doesn't know how to change from her P.E. clothes into her school uniform without FLASHING! Shruthy on the other hand, has planned Mei Hwa's wedding for her already! Wonder who the guy is... Did you know that Mei Hwa has like 5 bread songs memorized in her head and sings them in school almost everyday??? Yes, it totally creeps me out! LOL.
Yesterday night, I recieved an SMS from a strange number saying, "I THINK V CAN B DAM GUD FRENZ". Now, where did that come from? I almost rolled on the floor laughing!
I've been thinking lately, when we dislike someone, we always go all out againts the person without thinking about the person on the other side as a human with feelings too. Sometimes, it is necessary to understand the full situation before jumping to conclusions and no one does things for no reason. In fact most of the time, they do it for several very complicated reasons. I think we have to think of all the factors and try to relate to the person on the other side before jumping in. Sometimes, their intentions are not bad, but purely motivated by pityful reasons we'd never want ourselves to have. Just a thought. :)
AAR live in Malaysia tomorrow and imma be there! WHoooo!!!

Luv, luv...

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