Thursday, October 8, 2009

President Bush.

I'm not actually gonna talk about the dude... The title is in honour of Mei Hwa, Shruthy, Abi and their "bushes"! LOL. I must not forget to mention the Amazon jungle, the "paya bakau", and the canopy! The canopy is a REALLY nice place. I know that most of you are confused right now, so allow me to assist your clueless minds. LOL. Well, we started to get all horny in class today, after missing school for two days (not Mei Hwa, she NEVER skips school), probably missed each other too much, so we started talking about the "up" and the 'down", and then the BUSH part came in! I assume that ya'll should now be able to guess the rest. ;)

Anyway, moving on to something less horny, I'd like to share with the world, some stories of my temporary history class teacher in school, who will no longer be in my school (yay!), so I now feel free to blog a little bit about him. He, just like all the previous temporary teachers, have taught us things that are well, temporary. Half the time they mumble or talk to fast, and let's be honest, they themselves don't really understand what they teach us! I also remember this lady who refused to teach us slower (we didn't really understand what she was teaching us and she was tottally speeding through EVERYTHING), with the excuse that she had to finish teaching us a certain number of things in order to gradute. From that day onwards, I really didn't like her.


Anyway, back to the history teacher, he always teaches for like 5 minutes, then goes off topic for like 10 minutes. He says that he has teacher instincts and all that, but I find it hard to believe. Moving on the the more interesting part, I know that he's still rather young, but it is EXTREMELY unprofessional to smile cheekily and flirt with YOUR STUDENTS! I've even heard that he chats online for hours through the night with some of the students. Eeeekkkk! Ok, I dont want to say too much. He's cool alright, and yes he IS nice but let's just say that I can't wait for my actual history class teacher to return! Wheeee!!!!
Btw, I've added a little section with my own personal words of wisdom, so you should check it out.

I've developed a sudden fettish for them. Check out the songs Scar Tissue and By The Way. HOT!!!

Luv, luv...

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