Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last Day of the School Holidays...

*sigh*... Time passes by so fast when you're having fun, seems like it was just yesterday that I was eagerly awaiting for the holidays to begin. :(
Anyway, on a higher note, Man United beat Stoke by 2 goals ta none! Whooooo!!!!!!!! The first half of the game was really boring though, only got exciting in the second half.
Btw, I just stumbled onto this site related to channed V that has profiles of all the new Asian artists, but mainly from Malaysia and the Phillipines, if I'm not mistaken. I think it's sorta interesting. You can listen to their music and post comments about their music whatsoever, even feel free to mock them, which was what I was sorta planning to do. Hehe... >) However, you've gotta sign up for an account first and I was too lazy to bother to do that, but maybe next time. =) Here's the link for the site:

Racists?!? ( so says AJ). LOL. It's from 2004, but the song from this album, 99 problems, is really good, it has nice rhymes, though certain words may be harsh, but you should check it out anyways.
New TV series. Check it out on YouTube. HOT!!!

Luv, luv...

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