Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Holiday is Over! Noooo!

Time to sum up how my holiday was in three not so simple words. Explosive! Insightful! Incredible! Whooo!!!

Anyways, I'm a little bumped about Man United loosing two games in a row. Well, at least I wasn't as upset about yesterday's game againts Fullham, as I was about the game againts Liverpool. That Liverpool game was like a really big knock on the head for me! lol. I watched that Liverpoool game in my mum's room and after the game, I didn't speak to her at all, I just walked right out of the room and went to cry myself to sleep. :( (not literally).

Oh! By the ways, I went swimming again yesterday, this time with Racheal, Sum, Karen, Vi Vien, Sean and Mei Hwa. Nothing much to say except that it was quite an interesting day altoghether. ;) We'll definitely go again some time soon!

with lots of luv,

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